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Wall Stickers for New Year Resolutions

It’s New Years Day, the start of another year and like millions of others you have made your  New Years resolutions and are looking forwards to an exciting year ahead. Roll forwards a few days, you are back at work in the daily grind of commuting & working; working towards your goals and targets for the [...]

Peppa Pig Hot Air Balloon

If the Peppa Pig fan(s) in your house loved the episode where Peppa and her family are at the School Fete where the top prize is a ride in a hot air balloon, then these wall stickers will really put a smile of their faces. With these 27 stickers you can easily recreate the episode [...]

Minnie Mouse Wall Stickers

For £7.95 including free postage to addresses in the United Kingdom, you can have these adorable Minnie Mouse wall stickers delivered to your home in days and then in just a few minutes with some creative imagination you can create a themed Minnie Mouse feature wall. Minnie Mouse is very popular at the moment , [...]

Walltastic Launches Circus Wall Mural

Available from 16th June 2014, Walltastic’s Circus Wall Mural will delight children who want a circus themed bedroom. Featuring everyone’s circus favourites, clowns, elephants,lions and more, the wall mural is easy to apply to a bedroom wall providng a striking and effective feature wall. On sale at £44.95 including free postage and packing to addresses [...]

How to Apply Walltastic Wall Murals

Walltastic Wall Murals provide a quick and easy way to create a feature wall in a childs bedroom, playroom or nursery. All the wall murals come with full application instructions which are easy to follow. Of course, sometimes it is just quicker and easy to watch somebody actually apply the wall murals and Walltastic have [...]

Walltastic Licenced Product Range

Walltastic have created a range of wonderful wall murals and room decor kits featuring characters such as Disney Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney Princess and many more all time favourites. We often receive order enquiries from customers outside the United Kingdom for these products and have to disappoint when we say [...]

Walltastic Wall Mural Application Instructions

Walltastic Wall Murals require only a beginner level of DIY decorating skills. This makes them easy to apply and enable a feature wall to be created and a bedroom transformed in a few hours. PLEASE NOTE: Some Walltastic murals require an overlap and some don’t. Please make sure you check the back of the box [...]

More About Walltastic

Walltastic Ltd is a successful growing business based in the United Kingdom who specialise in the manufacture and supply of wall decor for children’s rooms, including bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms. The main two product groups supplied by Walltastic are currently Wall Murals and Wall Decor Kits. Walltastic Wall Murals come in a range of licenced [...]

Childrens Bedroom Decor Kits

Children grow up quickly and their tastes in bedroom decor change even quicker. At first it was neutral nursery decor, but then Winnie the Pooh became the new theme and as they get to school, bedroom themes change to Toy Story, Cars, etc. Our great value for money Bedroom Decor Kits enable you to quickly [...]

Toy Story Films and Characters

The first Toy Story film appeared on our cinema screens in 1995, introducing audiences to the two main characters Woody, Buzz Lightyear plus the supporting cast including Mr Potatoe Head & Slinky Dog. the film was ground breaking at the time, for being a full CGI production. Since then there has been two more films, [...]