Walltastic have created a range of wonderful wall murals and room decor kits featuring characters such as Disney Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney Princess and many more all time favourites.

We often receive order enquiries from customers outside the United Kingdom for these products and have to disappoint when we say we can only supply to United Kingdom customers.

Why can we only supply Walltastic licenced products to customers in the United Kingdom?

The reason is that Walltastic have to have a licence to produce products featuring characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine from the business which owns the rights to that product. So, HIT Entertainment own the rights to Thomas The Tank Engine and will have granted a licence to Walltastic to use the Thomas and Friends Characters on their products in return for a royalty payment. The licences provided by businesses like HIT Entertainment cover specific rights about the countries into which sales of the products can be made.

So, if our product listing states a product can only be supplied to customers in the United Kingdom, it is because our supplier only has a licence to distribute the product in the United Kingdom and not to other countries.