Did you know that not all wall stickers are both removable and repositionable?

Wall & Window Decor endeavour to  source room stickers from suppliers whose products are removable and repositionable. The childrens wall stickers supplied by both Fine Decor Wallcoverings and Graham & Brown and sold under the brands Decofun and Fun 4 Walls meet this requirement. Their wall stickers are made from vinyl and adhesive specially manufactured to be repositionable and removable.

Why do we do try and ensure the wall decals we sell have this specification?

We know that applying wall stickers to walls, especially large wall stickers can be a challenge and often it is very hard to see what you have created until you stand back and admire your work! If you are using wall stickers which are not repositionable , then adjusting your handy work can be a problem when you find the stickers difficult to remove frrom the wall. That’s why we mainly sell removable and repositionable wall stickers.

Another reason, is that years later when you decide its time for a change, removing non removable  can prove very difficult, although warming the wall decals with a hairdryer does help loosen the adhesive grip.

Sometimes though you just have to sacrifice these advantages to get some of the great wall stickers designs made by other suppliers!