So many of us, including myself, have aspirations, ideas and goals in our heads, often influenced by quotes. However these intentions aren’t much use to anybody unless we do something to act upon them. It doesn’t matter how innovative the idea is, or how glowing the thought is, until you do something, it only remains an intention, not an action – or even better, an achievement.

There is an attitude that sets apart the moderate from the magnificent. It is called the success attitude.

An example of an achiever, who believed in the success attitude, is Walt Disney. When Walt Disney headed west seeking to achieve his dreams, he sold all of his possessions, simply to buy a First Class train ticket. Just because he wanted to arrive first class when taking the first few steps in achieving his aspirations.

What a dramatic representation of the success attitude! Success attitudes are not only present post-achievement. They must be present in the centre of your biggest failures and catastrophes!

Success attitudes support you, providing you with the positive mentality and preparation that you will need during success and failure.

The four attitudes imperitive to your success are:

THINK – delve into the depths of your imagination. Plan, dream, vision.

BELIEVE – in yourself, your ideas and fantasies.

DREAM – big, the impossible, extraordinary and beyond.

DARE – to do the unachievable and not yet done.

Don’t sit back and do nothing, do something different, something new, something fresh and bewitching!

What actions can you take to actually live your favourite quotes, instead of just briefly tasting them?

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Written by Katy Green