Many parents busy with day to day family life dread the thought of having to redecorate a childs bedroom!

However, that Winnie The Pooh nursery decor is no longer appropriate for your pre school child & so a major redecoration project beckons!. Fear not, besides using wall stickers for easy bedroom decoration, an alternative is to use a self adhesive border containing one of your child’s favouite characters. Both provide a quick  and easy way to redecorate and both are very cost effective.

Our suggestion is that you emulsion the bedroom walls in a neutral colour, but neutral coloured bedding and curtains. Then apply the borders and/or wall stickers to provide an effective room makeover.

What’s more when you children move on to school age, most wall stickers and self adhesive borders can be easiliy removed and replaced with something more in tune with you childrens latest demands and you possibily wont need to repaint the room or reoplace the bedding and curtains if you chose neutral options.

We have a continualchanging  selection of self adhesive and wall paper borders available featuring many popular characters including Peppa Pig, Thomas, Disney Characters & other favourites.