Having your grand children stay overnight is a great experience, although usually very tiring.

You’ve planned your day time trips and activities, but how do you ‘wow’ your grand children when bedtime arrives. One way is to decorate their bedroom/sleeping area with wall stickers of their favourite characters.

At the moment, Peppa Pig is a huge favourite and is very popular and we receive very good feedback such as ‘my grand daughter loves them‘ or ‘The stickers are bigger than i thought and my granddaughter was delighted with them. There were also a good selection of characters! Many thanks.’ Of course, the timeless classic likes Thomas the Tank Engine are still really popular, and Moshi Monsters are growing in popularity.

Find out who your grandchilds favourite character is and then spend a few pounds on some wall stickers of that character, quickly and easily apply them to the walls or furniture in their bedroom and hey presto you will be the best grandparents in the world.