A quick and easy way to decorate childrens bedrooms is to use wall stickers.

Childrens room stickers enable you to add colour and fun to your childrens bedroom walls; most childrens wall decals are easily removable and do not leave any sticky residue when they are removed. This enables you to redecorate their bedroom as they grow up and want some wall decor to suit their tastes.

Many of our customers, start with nursery decor such as Animal Farm , then within a few years around pre school age, redecorate with something like Thomas The Tank Engine or Peppa Pig. Later as your child takes an interest in things like Spiderman or wants all things pink, you can just re-emulsion the wall, let the walls fully dry and apply their latest choice of wall stickers.

In teenage years, our Kidslab range of room stickers, provides wall decals for a variety of boys and girls tastes, enabling them to use their imagination and create their own unique space.